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Drupal tastes better with wine


We have an old saying in Moldova. In english it would be something like this: “Cheers!”.

Moldovans have a rich wine tradition and it would be unacceptable to have a wineless first DrupalCamp in Moldova. Therefore, we decided to replace one of our Coffee Breaks with a... Wine Break!

In order to make the Wine Break possible, we have partnered with one of the best wineries in Moldova. Basavin & Co represents the origins, traditions and historical values of the Moldovan wine. The first farm winery that stands at the basis of Basavin & Co, was established in 1915, in the colonist village Romanovka (now Basarabeasca), which was named in honor of the Russian czarist family Romanov.

Nowadays, during the wine-making process of the highest quality wines, Basavin uses and applies the most advanced technologies. “Basavin & Co” cultivates its own vineyards, managed by experienced farmers. These vines are grown in unique steppe climate conditions. The high quality wines of the company have been appreciated with numerous awards and diplomas at a number of international exhibitions and other wine tasting events. Basavin & Co is also the first company in Eastern Europe which produced Kosher wines.

See you at Moldcamp 2014.


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